Our Products:
Vertex provides a complete set of products for organizations serving adults with barriers to employment or independent living. Our software enables customers to:
  - Document services and consumer progress to goals
  - Easily bill for program services, especially Medicaid
  - Manage staff time and attendance
  - Integrate complete financial and accounting management

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Johnston County Industries:
A case study in success

North Carolina rehab organization Johnston County Industries (JCI) has nearly doubled their manufacturing revenue from $5.5 million to more than $10 million in just five years. JCI is a Vertex Systems customer which applies profits from production operations to support program services for adults with disabilities.

Let's schedule a brief demonstration of Vertex Production Manager and talk about how we can help you increase revenue to support program services. Call any time, toll free: (866) 981-2600, or send the form below and we can arrange a no-obligation demonstration.